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Belegenza | Best Natural Products for Keratin Straightened Hair


Product Description

•Long-lasting smooth, tamed hair
•Advanced keratin fibers replenish optimal moisture & strength to your hair
•Delivers deep conditioning for manageability & smoothness
•Ultra-concentrated formula of nutrients for your hair
•Acts as a thermal protectant & fights humidity

We take over where Keratins leave off!

Keratins opened up a new world of smooth hair, and nowyou can have even better results!  Smooth, tame hair that obeys your styling commands, with complete safetyfrom dryness, breakage, and even hidden formaldehydes in the new generation of keratins.  Nature gave you waves or curls , and now you can smooth it out!    Naturally!

When you use these 4 products, your hair will respond beyond your expectations, as each day, the gentle transitional conditioners and smoothing agents  prolong and enhance your hair.   Over your first 30 days of using these products,  you will see the transition from silicones and synthetics, to a luxurious finish that is distinct and recognizably high end.  As your hair transforms, you may forget about keratins, as you now enjoy the ease of achieving perfect styles by simply styling your hair into control with these easy to use products!  If you continue with Keratin Treatments, your results will be better than ever, making your "Keratin Smoothing Artist" look better than ever!  When you get loads of compliments on your hair from these real and natural products,  you'll see that good hair is good, but exquisite hair is awesome! 

1  IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser: SLS free and Salt free (safe for all Keratin Treatments) , this shampoo prepares your hair for maximum reconditioning and filling of the inner parts of the hair. By using this, your hair maintains flexibility and softness, with marked improvements each and every time you shampoo. Each time you use IlLustriousyou will be better able to accept the extraordinary benefits of the deep conditioning elements in the following products into your hair.

2  RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment: With so many differing molecular weights of moisturizing and strengthening agents in this cream, your hair will now accept more and more benefits, targeting the deepest damage sites at their core--first. Your hair dictates the particles it wants as the self-adjusting conditioner delivers only what your hair can accept and needs and the rest rinses away for perfectly conditioned hair.  As your hair improves each and every time you use RoMANce, it accepts what is essential, and balances your hair  to exemplary condition.  When you use RoMANce at least once per weekyour hair will now have luminosity that is mesmerizing, and recognizably high-quality.

3  VirgINity Hair RepairWhen you must have extra protection from humidity, this repair formula locks the humidity out, even more, you will be locking in conditioning revitalizers unique to Belegenza. (In the world of colorists, the potency of these conditioning elements hasn't been seen for 3 decades, because the company that started this natural process stopped making their conditioners and eventually closed.  Belegenza  has now built upon their concepts, and others,  to bring to you an even more potent and natural process!)  When you apply this evenly, you will insure the smoothness and straightness or super large curls (made with large curling irons) longer! Long lasting body and shineWhen you have new hair that is growing in at the root area, simply mix a small amount of Simply Smooth with a few pumps of VirgINity;  rub well to mix and apply to the most stubborn spots. This is a perfect root and style freshening trick used in the Hollywood Hair & Makeup Trailers between takes for perfection and consistency in the films! (VirgINity Hair Repair  is usually the 3rd Step, but in the case of Keratin Treatments, you will use this as the 4th Step).

4  Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker: Based on Vit-C Complex, use this cream as a blowdry cream to block humidity and progressively soften curl patterns. To enhancethe Keratin results, use this cream every time you style your hair. Free of chemicals, formaldehyde, and sodium hydroxide (lye). Gentle and  effective as it softens your curl patterns during your blowdrying and styling.   When you put just a little extra around the edges and on the new growth, you can put off Keratin treatments for longer, since your hair will continue to become extraordinarily smooth, tame and distinctly beautiful.

When you want more shine, due to serious dryness from using flat-irons, bad coloring, or simply overworked hair, you will want to add SpotLite Shine Serum now to your package. We didn't add it directly to your package because it lasts so long in relation to the 4 Steps listed above. So, if you love and want more shine, add SpotLite now and take advantage of the free shipping with the above package.

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