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  • Belegenza | Fine Hair Volume Package

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Belegenza | Fine Hair Volume Package


Product Description

Everyone with fine hair knows you can't add weight to hair, unless that weight is springy and adds more bounce to the hair.   We've discovered a blend of sea extracts, supercharged with Vitamins B6, B12 and E that is a perfect balance adding volume & strength that makes your hair feel and look better than ever!  Not only will you feel like you have more hair, you will be insuring your hair's future growth and body, because the natural ingredients will be nourishing your scalp and adding flexibility to each strand at the same time.

Treat your hair to these superior formulations.  Transform fine limp hair into hair you are proud of, with shine, body, and bounce and watch how your hair gets better and better each time you use these synergistic products.

Conventional products commonly cause dryness in the hair to make it respond.  After a while, though, they're all the same.  You end up with dry hair that breaks off about as fast at grows out!  UNTIL NOW!   As the cosmetic build up is minimized in the first month, the flexible, springy molecules begin to infuse their body building qualities into the hair, encouraging flexibility and style response.  Now, build-up is no longer an issue.  Seaweed proteins, by their nature, understand water and moisture exchange, leaving your hair in an optimum moisturized condition.  As each strand gets perfectly moisture balanced you will see your hair looking fuller and longer.  Even the ends ofyour hair will look healthier, and with this perfect balance, your hair finally has a chance to grow longer!

Your package includes 3 products that work together to give you maximum results.

You will feel the difference immediately and within 60 days, you will be so glad you made the switch to Belegenza!

IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser (8 oz.)

This natural shampoo cleans and purifies your  hair without SLS, salt or cheap additives found in other products.  It gently removes buildup, and prepares it to acceptsea extracts and body building natural ingredients in the following products  for maximum results. (Should your hair suffer excessive damage or cosmetic chemical buildup, your hair will exhibit much tangling the first few times.  If you wish to remove those chemicals quicker, call us for instructions at 760-518-8823. This way you will get even faster results from the following products, now.)

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner (6 oz.)

Dramatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner strengthens the core of your hair with molecularly springy proteins from 4 rare seaweed types,  lightweight emollients from fruits and vegetables. Your hair accepts these unique ingredients to create a powerful foundation that supports the very core of your hair.  Other products dry the hair out to give it more volume, and dry hair breaks easily and that's not good for anyone.  This breakthrough conditioner adds volume AND balances moisture, allowing your hair to have body, flexibility, and grow longer.

PerForm Control Styling Gel (6 oz.)

PerForm Control Styling Gel resists humidity.  Humidity only goes to dry spaces, which is the problem fine hair has with conventional volumizing products from other companies.  PerForm Gel, gives you perfectly balanced moisture levels in your hair for the first time.  You will now be protected from humidity, naturally!  Seaweed proteins understand water exchange, and also add shine, and seal in your work for longer lasting styles. Your hair will now have you feeling confident all the time.  You might still want to use hairspray, but a lot less, leaving your hair to feel like luxurious hair!  

Purchased separately, this investment would be $75.

 Now, your package is $69.  


You've tried so many things, hoping for the magic secret. We know.  Every product on TV promises this, and we know how that usually ends up.   Pretend for a moment, though,  that you had never tasted chocolate.  Pretend that someone told you all about it and how excellent and luxurious it is.  They even compared it to things you already had tried, like fruits, cakes, pies, cookies......    When you really think about it, the only way you can really know what the taste of chocolate is like, is to actually taste it!        Let your hair taste the goodness of these products, and really know how good it can be!  

Imagine your hair looking and feeling better as you continue to pamper it with these incredible products.  Imagine not wondering if your hair looks good enough. Imagine walking in with irresistible confidence, knowing you look fantastic. Imagine what else you'll get done in your life knowing your attention is no longer on your hair, but on living and loving your life.

 "What's gotten into you lately?  You look better than ever!  What's your secret?"

 Added bonus, thanks to Hollywood Celebrity Stylists:

If you really want an extra bounce to your hair, do what our celebrity stylists taught us. After applying the PerForm Control Styling Gel, spray a light amount of VirgINity Hair Repair just before styling!  This amps up the volume.  Be sure not to use the VirgINity first.  You must use it on top of the PerForm Control Styling Gel. You will not find this in the directions on the bottles.  It's something that was discovered by "accident."  You will see it for yourself, and after a few tries will know the perfect amounts for your specific needs!  Celebrity stylists must have perfect results every time, and that's why they trust Belegenza and we believe you will trust us, too!  We love their discoveries, and love sharing them with YOU!

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