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  • Belegenza - IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser

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Belegenza - IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser


Product Description

Gentle, low lather, SLS-free, color-saving
• Like the first time, every time. A fresh clean start!
• Perfect balance: moisture, shine, manageability
• Awesome for all hair types leaving luxurious finish
• Primes hair for maximum conditioning

RICH ingredients that feed the hair:

Your hair has been suffering in silence.

All these years, shower after shower, you’ve been feeding your hair a steady diet of junk food.  Harsh sulfates, follicle-clogging chemicals, irritating phthalate-based fragrances – the list goes on and on.

And, finally, after all this time – you’ve had enough.   Enough of the brittleness and breakage.  Enough of the dryness and frizz.  Enough of the other products giving you a "new feeling" that wears off in a few weeks.   Pretty bottles are nice, but you want results that last! NOW,  aren't you ready to turn back the clock and give your hair the nutrition it craves?  –with IlLustrious Shampoo and Cleanser, exclusively from Belegenza – you can.  In fact, if you care about your hair, you must switch now, right?!

Did you know this shampoo has the richest amount of active natural ingredients in the organic, natural and commercial category?

Start Seeing Improvements from the Very First Day

IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser starts to work immediately, as it begins to undo the residue left behind by other products that  cover up the inner damage.   Chemical-laden sprays, gels and creams, shampoos and even conditioners have slowly robbed your hair of its natural moisture, shine and softness, covering it up with fancy sounding plastics, silicones, and petroleum derivatives.

Day after day, you’ll notice improvements.  Your hair is easier to style and softer to the touch.  People will remark on your rich vibrant color – even though it has been 6 months since you colored your hair.  That’s what natural ingredients (and none of the fillers and junk!) can do – and that’s what you get with every use of IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser.

Natural Ingredients You Can See (And Pronounce!)

Coconut oils, lemon peel extract, gluten-free  protein, rosemary and green tea, and pure Aloe Vera.  These are just a few of the many all-natural ingredients found in Belegenza’s exclusive IlLustrious formula or should we say "recipe."  Each element works to help restore your hair’s natural balance and shine from the inside out.  Like great dishes and great meals, each element combines to enhance and enchant your palate.  Your hair will crave this shampoo, as it is the best "meal" it has ever had!  As a result, you’ll start to see noticeably improved hair thickness, strength, softness and bounce.  Your hair looks more alive as it makes the transition!

Works Great on Multiple Hair Types Too!

Natural ingredients are naturally good for every type of hair!  From fine to frizzy, curly to colored and every type in between. Belegenza understands the inner details of all hair types, and nourishes your hair at the core.  Our proprietary formula is crafted and designed to enrich each strand while providing gentle cleansing that restores and retains moisture. Your hair is fuller, your hair is healthier and you feel sexier.

Why wait another day to give your hair the goodness it craves?  Try IlLustrious now and love your hair with every drop.

Anti-aging Extracts from: Sugarcane, Lemon, Apple, Green tea, Nettle, Sage, Rosemary, Comfrey, Rhizome roots, Castor beans, Sea Vegetable Extracts, plus Vitamins E & B6

Color Safe - Salt and Sulfate Free

When it's time for a fresh new start, Belegenza is like the first time....every time. And yes, it works great on fine hair, too!

8 oz. concentrate  ( We don't make water the main ingredient, to give you major value, and decrease the carbon footprint by sending concentrated ingredients into which you can add your own water!)

When you use IlLustriou Shampoo & Cleanser the first time, you will begin to expose the damage left behind and covered up with toxic chemicals from your former products, even if they claim to be natural.    You may have some tangling the first few times.  Not to worry.  Should this be the case, you will be relieved over the next 30 days as your hair improves and transitions to natural goodness.  Silicone removal can sometimes present itself as a white residue/tangled mess. IF this is the case, you can speed up your transition by adding 1 T of baking soda to 1 oz of IlLustrious, and let the lather sit on your hair for 3-5 minutes.  In all cases,  replenish your hair immediately and instantly with one or more of our many specialized conditioners and treatments.  The self-adjusting conditioners will work more effectively  as you remove the chemical residues which can take up to a full month to accomplish.  Each day you reveal more and better results, as you keep treating your hair with Belegenza perfection.

Daily:  DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner is perfect for everyday conditioning for all hair types, especially to maintain optimum condition.  Your fine hair will LOVE DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner.  Most fine hair has been starved of any conditioning because it cannot tolerate the weight.  DraMatic is not only weightless, but it adds a bouncy finish due to a pristine seaweed protein that has a bouncy, springy helix-like structure.  Your hair will move, bounce and act like hair twice its thickness!

Weekly: RoMANce Conditioner is like an INTENSE "smoothie for your hair".  POWERFUL, POWERFUL, POWERFUL ingredients join forces now to deliver deep shine, moisture, and strength to your hair.  See the difference in the very first time you use it!

Remember the baking soda secret above?   It's worth remembering especially when it's time to switch back to Belegenza.   Yes, things happen.  Yes, your house guest may use all your products, or even "steal them from your bathroom," and you may begrudgingly use another brand.  You're much too smart to go back to fake chemical brands or green-washed naturals any other way.  So, the moment you get your new supply of Belegenza, you will want to give yourself the "head start," as described above, and erase the chemicals as quickly as possible, and return to good-for-you Belegenza and awesome hair, now. 

AND, when you notice your hair is growing faster than ever, you will realize that Belegenza's power-packed products nourish your scalp and hair in a new way that you love.  What if you love growing your hair out faster, so that you can change styles more often, or simply want thicker and longer hair!  You can always alternate  with GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener.   When you shampoo (lather, rinse, and then repeat), you will want to shampoo first with IlLustrious and then with GrowOUT Shampoo & Strenthener!  With both, you will have the best of both worlds! 

By now, you realize that IlLustrious is the best choice You want to do the best thingsfor yourself and your hair and using IlLustrious is right.  You recognize, by now,  that there is something extremely special about Belegenza, and you want it badly for yourself!

Scroll back up and to the left and click add to cart now.  Act now, and start enjoyingcompliments a.s.a.p!


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